<![CDATA[Timophiliac - Blog]]>Sun, 23 Apr 2023 22:12:49 -0500Weebly<![CDATA[Domination or Disguised Abuse]]>Sat, 22 Apr 2023 00:17:35 GMThttp://timophiliac.com/blog/domination-or-disguised-abuseVenturing into a world that is unfamiliar can be confusing and if guided by somebody with ulterior motives can become scary and dangerous. 
BDSM is all about consent, trust, and respect. 
If you've ever been approached by a man and given an unsolicited photograph of their penis, they ARE NOT a dominant. A true dominant would NEVER do that. That would violate the very foundation of any type of possible relationship because it does not begin with consent.  If somebody expects you to address them by title upon introduction or begins the conversation by calling you "pet" names, they are not an experienced Dom (unless said introduction is made at a bdsm venue or comparable event where the expectations are clear upon arrival). If you have ever been requested to engage in a scene (a scripted act of play) with anybody before discussing the activities you are comfortable with (hard and soft limits), you aren’t in communication with a dom. Safewords are established because it is understood that either party can end a scene for ANY reason, at ANY time.
If it isn’t consensual, it is assault.
Trust is the second element. Trust is earned, not given. It doesn't matter if you are into soft or hard play, it is absolutely crucial. During soft play, triggering words or phrases may be used and scenarios that take you out of your comfort zone. During harder play, you may very well be putting your safety and well being into somebody else's hands. This doesn't just go for submissives. Doms are also exposing a side of themselves that they typically keep hidden from the outside world. If anybody tries to coax you in trusting them blindly, it is a recipe for disaster and honestly, unsafe. Take your time. Build a foundation.
Respect is the third element.  BDSM play is sought as a mutually beneficial situation. There should be something to gain by both parties, never to be one sided. If somebody isn't respecting your limits and respecting you as an equal partner, they are not worthy.
The very last thing I will address on this topic are the three S's.
Safety  Sobriety Sanity


Ann Dromeda has been an online content creator for the
last three years and has been an adult performer since 2003. 
Learn more about her here.

<![CDATA[Tiny Dicks and the Men Who Love to Have Them]]>Fri, 17 Mar 2023 17:30:55 GMThttp://timophiliac.com/blog/tiny-dicks-and-the-men-who-love-to-have-themTINY DICKS AND THE MEN WHO LOVE TO HAVE THEM
What am I even talking about? 
SPH (small penis humiliation) is a form of degradation fetish. The subject becomes aroused by the feelings of inadequacy.

Definition of terms:
A stud (verile and breedable male) derives pleasure from showing off his endowment to spectators.
A beta-male or cuck is a subservient male who derives pleasure by understanding that they'll never quite measure up. 
A typical beta seeks dominant women that know exactly what they want and refuse to settle for less than they deserve. 
A cuckhold (cuck) is somebody that finds gratification by their partner having sexual relations with others beyond themselves.

Not all betas are cucks but many of them are. Fantasizing about watching the woman they lust after getting serviced by a stud as they are forced to sit back, shut up, and watch can be icing on their cake.

Why is it a "thing" and is it common?

Just as big penises have their time in the spotlight, little fellas need their time to shine, too. 
Nostalgic to puberty, calling a male a "bitch" or undercutting the size of their members was seen as the ultimate humiliation. The snide giggles from women "is it in yet" could feel like a swift blow to the balls and their manhood.
It often triggers a fight or flight response that boosts the adrenaline, therefore, causing arousal.
Surprisingly, this form of submission is common. Even average to well endowed men request this type of play.


I would never let you touch me with that!
Omg! What is it?
Where's the rest of it?
Hold on. Let me get my glasses.
Were you absent the day the creator handed out dicks?

And, as a domme, it's fun to get creative with it. I have my subs send me photos putting random items next to it for size comparison.
The more I laugh, the more attention they crave, knowing their dick is the punchline to my favorite joke and they were able to put a smile on my face.
A good indication that you're dealing with a beta and/or cuck are those messages received stating, "I wish I was as big as your toy" or "I know I could never satisfy you".

Remember, everybody kinks differently. If you choose to facilitate this type of interaction, have fun with it and creativity always wins.
Mack trucks serve a purpose but even smart cars need a little road time.


Ann Dromeda has been an online content creator for the
last three years and has been an adult performer since 2003. 
Learn more about her here.

<![CDATA[Lights! Camera! Action!]]>Thu, 23 Feb 2023 23:29:47 GMThttp://timophiliac.com/blog/lights-camera-actionAre you an exhibitionist? Do you have a pleasant personality? Do people often tell you to “Go fuck yourself” and it seems like a reasonable suggestion? Does money make you cum?

    Webcam performing isn’t for everyone but if it interests you, there are a few things you will need to know in order to become successful.

    First, you need to find the platform that works best for you. The popular sites take an average percentage of 40-60 percent from their models but if you know how to promote and market your shows, it can still be quite lucrative. Some sites use a customer token system whereas others operate by cash amount only. Some sites have stricter rules than others which can be either detrimental or beneficial depending on the performer’s preferences.

    Having the appropriate setup is important. You will need a laptop computer with stable internet connection, quality lighting such as a lightbox or ring light, a high resolution webcam and microphone.You will need a designated area or room that showcases your flavor and personality.  

    Wardrobe and makeup isn’t as important as some might believe. The most important aspect is authenticity and an inviting personality, if you have that down then, you’re already ahead of the game! 

    You will be asked to fill out a W2, show proof of identity, and proof of residency. Once approved, your next step will be to customize your bio towards the niche clientbase you prefer. Keep in mind the demographic you think will best suit you. Be sure to detail the activities you are willing to perform as well as those that are completely off the table. Have a selection of crisp clear photos that highlight your best assets.

    On the day of your first live stream, it is okay to seem nervous or unsure. Surprisingly, many viewers find this to be endearing. 

Be aware of scammers. Never do anything for free that you would otherwise only do if paid. An example of this would be a viewer promising a paid show with you if you perform a certain task first. Do not take the bait.

 Be aware of the one minute rule. If a viewer leaves a show before the first minute is up, the site cannot charge their credit card. Those that know how to work the system will hop from room to room scamming a minute here and there, leaving the performers high and dry. Ask questions during that first minute about the ideal show they’d like to see.

The hardest part of webcam performing is the burn out. Though the first few months will be exhilarating as it is still new, models quickly fall into ruts. Feeling confined into a small space for a few hours at a time, trying to fill blank space when viewers aren't present and seeing the rise and drop of participation can become rather frustrating.

    The best suggestion I can offer is to keep moving. When a viewer scrolls down the grid search, there needs to be something going on that entices them to click and enter. Dance, sing along with the radio, jump up and down on the bed. Just remain active.

To keep your profile on the first page of the site’s grid search, you must be logging in at least 5 days per week, from 2-5 hours a day. If you do not want to work a straight 5 hours, break your performance time into blocks.

On your downtime between shows; promote, promote, promote! Take to social media and let everyone see your outfit for the day, Tweet about the shows you have planned. Gain a following and hashtag the everloving shit out of everything.Not only will you have people follow you into your cam-osphere, you will find that you can sell shows and content through these other venues.

Now get out there and GO FUCK YOURSELF!


Ann Dromeda has been an online content creator for the
last three years and has been an adult performer since 2003. 
Learn more about her here.

<![CDATA[24 hour challenge; survival guide]]>Thu, 23 Feb 2023 06:00:00 GMThttp://timophiliac.com/blog/24-hour-chellenge-survival-guideAt some point, every streamer tries the 24 hour challenge. It’s a great way to get a lot of followers and to let your viewers get to know you. But it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself while you are at the beck and call of tons of viewers. Here are a few tips to keep your sanity and your body in one piece.
Quick meals: Everybody has to eat, and that includes cam models and streamers. So how do you get your sustenance in and still stay sexy for your viewers? And how do you prepare meals if you are tied to a desktop? If you have a laptop, or streaming from your phone, you can just bring it with you to the kitchen and set it up so people can watch you prepare your meal. Some guys are super excited about women who can cook. But a lot of foods just aren’t sexy.
Smoothies, depending on the ingredients, can be pretty or gross looking, so keep that in mind when you pour it into your cup. Fruit smoothies that are pink or purple can be shown off in clear cups without any concern about appearance. They already look feminine. But for green and brown concoctions, it’s a good idea to dress things up, maybe with a little whip cream or some pretty garnishes. This extra care will give you a little lift too, because you will feel like you are spoiling yourself. It also demonstrates to your viewers that you are a woman of taste, aka, more expensive. Drink it with a straw.
Vegetable trays are a good snack option while camming. The dipping of your vegies into some ranch dressing before putting it in your mouth triggers the arousal response in men who are already thinking about what it would be like to put their dicks in your mouth. Try ‘accidentally’ dripping ranch on your lips to drive their minds towards the idea of oral completion.
Sweets aren’t the best thing to eat in bulk while camming, but suckers and popsicles are great for teasing guys. Lollipops last longer, of course, but frozen treats can be great for demonstrating your secret blowjob skills.
Stay hydrated: Drink Water! Not a fan of water? A little lemon juice makes it way more refreshing and helps to detox you. Sitting for long periods of time can make it harder for your body to pump out toxins, but you will sweat while you stream, especially if you require extra lighting. Need an energy boost but aren’t hungry? All fluids count as ‘water’ but it’s important to think about the calorie values of your drinks, especially when you are sedentary for long periods of time. Sweet tea gives you a caffeine boost without the heavy milk and sugar added to coffee (assuming you don’t drink it black like I do) and stevia is a great replacement for sugar without the aftertaste of artificial sweeteners.
Stretch: Whatever your set up, it’s unlikely you’ll be doing a lot of moving around, so it’s important to keep your blood pumping while you stream. Every so often, probably every 30 minutes to an hour, you want to make the conscious effort to move. Stretch your legs, arch your back, dance around, anything to keep you from cramping while you stream.
Hobbies: Let’s be real. Most of the time while you stream, your viewers are too busy with their hands in their pants to talk to you, so it’s important to have things available to keep you from getting bored. Hobbies that you can do in bed or in a chair are best, but you don’t have to limit yourself. I did a week of streaming once where I panted in ma tank top and panties. Things like knitting, jewelry wrapping, drawing, or practicing an instrument can attract different types of viewers who are more likely to chat with you and are more respectful to women. So if you have an etsy store, you can fill your orders or make your products while you stream, and advertise your products at the same time.
Games: Once you have a good number of interactive viewers (who are hopefully tipping) you can play games with them. Chaturbate has bots with simple games, such as pokemon battles or dice games, and these bots are modifiable so you can create your own games. You can also play games without the bots. Pictionary is a good one if you have drawing skills, and you can require a tip amount for participation and offer prizes for the winners, such as cam time, premium snapchat subscription, photos, videos, or even your dirty socks. This is a great way to get active participants.
Goals: Time and tip goals are great tools that you can have shown automatically through apps and bots on your streaming sites, but you can also use OBS. Mini-goals can be set so that people can have you perform actions that they wish to see, like show feet, blow kiss, or flash boobs. It’s also nice to have an ultimate goal so your supporters know what they are helping you finance, whether it’s rent, a new car, legal or medical bills, or a vacation. Tell your story or what you want/need and why and good viewers are more than willing to help the cute girl they like achieve their goals.
Music that gets you pumped: Whatever gets you in the mood to be you is great to have playing in the background. Choose uplifting music that compliments your mood or personality. Make it part of your show. Depending on my mood, I choose female empowering money music with a beat like Iggy Azalea, Nikki Minaj, Doja Cat, and so on. There are tons of new female rappers that promote pussy power and findomme without the listeners even realizing it. If I’m in a more laid-back mood, I play binaural music set to frequencies that attract abundance.
Topics or themes: What are your interests? Are you a gamer? A movie buff? Do you like to cosplay? Maybe you’re a sports fan. Giving your viewers something to talk about other than sex. It can be something as simple as a Q&A or a debate over the economic-political commentary on a spider man movie. Get creative. Talking about your interests keeps you and your viewers engaged and shows them you aren’t just a nice piece of ass.
Hygiene: The problem with being on cam for so long is it’s easy to let your hygiene slip and you finish feeling gross. To keep that feeling at a minimum, there are some things you might want near by so you can feel and look fresh for the duration of your stream. If you are accepting private shows during your stream, its good to have baby wipes handy. You can use these to freshen up afterwards or to clean your toys without having to run off cam. A big terrycloth bath towel is also good to have near buy, especially if you’re a squirter or have some drool fetish fans. A hand mirror, hairbrush, and lipgloss or chapstick are also handy things to have near buy. It’s easy to get chapped lips when talking on cam for hours at a time, and hydrating only does so much. And of course, you’ll want to be able to brush your hair out after a session where you’re squirming around on your bed. Lotion is also handy, it helps you to moisturize your skin and men are fascinated by the idea of spreading slimey stuff all over your body, so don’t forget to take advantage of that. Some streamers even do shower shows, though I don’t personally recommend this because the humidity can really damage your electronics, so make sure you wait to try this out until you have back up devices so you aren’t left with out a way to make income.

I hope you found this article helpful, and we will place links to other articles at a later date so it’s easier for you all to get more ideas and tips.


Ferralyn River has been nude modeling since 2001 but didn't begin camming or creating adult content until 2018. She immediately transitioned into full-time content creation and has been active on Chaturbate, Pornhub, Onlyfans and more. Learn more about her here.

<![CDATA[Virtual Strip Club Etiquette]]>Fri, 27 Jan 2023 21:55:42 GMThttp://timophiliac.com/blog/virtual-strip-club-etiquetteLet’s talk about virtual shows and how to avoid being a complete butthead. The goal whilst attending a live performance is to show appreciation to your favorite performers and support their online personas. If your etiquette is on par, not only will the model perform certain tasks just for you, she will smile when you come into the room and be glad to have you there.
    Online entertainers, such as webcam models and adult internet creators, may offer live shows that allow you to interact with them as they perform for a group or individual in real time.
    Sometimes there is an entrance fee and sometimes the page subscription alone serves that purpose. 
    Now think about your last visitation to a gentlemen’s club. You paid a door fee to enter the establishment. Did you buy a drink while there? How about tipping the talent on stage or buying a private dance? Hopefully, you did not hand a few bucks to the doorman and sit creepily in the shadows of a dark corner somewhere. 
    Virtual shows are much the same. If you are granted entrance by a cover charge, be sure to tip if you have a special request. If not, sit quietly and enjoy what is being offered. If the performer went out of their way to put on a great show, a few bucks thrown their way as a “thank you” will make them feel valued and increase their desire to keep performing.
    Do not ask for free sessions after the show simply because you didn't “complete the task” in the allotted time. Most performers will gladly spend extra time with valued customers that pay for their time.

    You can tip on most cam sites by hitting the tip or $ icon, keep in mind that most cam sites take 40-60 percent from the talent. On the paid model hosting platforms, you may tip either on posts or through DMs. Tipping through these sites will help the performer bump their placement and rank but these sites take 20%.  Direct payment apps are preferred, as they give the talent 100% of the tip. Check Linktrees, Bios, or simply ask the talent for their preferred payment method.

    Remember to blow your wad during these spectacular shows, definitely meant as a double entendre..



Ann Dromeda has been an online content creator for the
last three years and has been an adult performer since 2003. 
Learn more about her here.

<![CDATA[Cyberstalking and Harassment]]>Fri, 27 Jan 2023 21:36:48 GMThttp://timophiliac.com/blog/cyberstalking-and-harassmentThere is a right way and a wrong way to connect with a creator.

The Do’s:

Do DM with an appropriate greeting and state your intent.
Do Subscribe and actively engage on site with “likes” and “comments”.
Do Follow on social media platforms.
Do Unsubscribe or unfollow, if you do not like the content. 

The Do Not’s:

Do Not Open with a vague greeting or offensive sexual comment.
Do Not Send an unsolicited pecker pic without tipping first.
Do Not Continue with a bombardment of messages if there is no reply.
Do Not Threaten to dox (reveal personal info). 
Do Not Use profanity or otherwise insult the performer.
Do Not Make new accounts to harass the performer once blocked.

    If you are a content creator and being harassed and/or cyberstalked, there are avenues to keep you safe.
    First, report and block the offender on the platform where contact was initiated. Screenshot all contact with the offender.
    If harassment persists, notify your local authorities and the law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction over the harasser, if that information is available to you.
    The Federal Bureau of Investigation has a Cyberstalking Task Force that may investigate reports of online abuse. You may file a report online or get help by calling 1-800- CALL-FBI. 1-800-225-5324. 
    If images have been pulled off your paid sites and redistributed, you also have the option to file a lawsuit for theft of services and intellectual property.

    There are also plenty of companies that offer cam model protection, which actively search for your images and scrub them off of sites that are not permitted to distribute them without your consent.

    Be respectful, play safely, and always consider that internet creators are real people with real lives that put time and effort into entertaining. In other words, “Only you can prevent Douchebaggery.”


Ann Dromeda has been an online content creator for the
last three years and has been an adult performer since 2003. ​
​Learn more about her here.

<![CDATA[Fun Sex Facts]]>Fri, 27 Jan 2023 21:30:40 GMThttp://timophiliac.com/blog/fun-sex-factsIf the record for the most female orgasms is 134 in one hour, y’all are obviously slacking. Pick up the pace, fellas!

 A single sperm contains 37.5 MB of DNA information. Be sure to plug it in and upload. Unload? Toh-may-toh/ Tah-mah-tah.

A  human male produces enough sperm in a two week timeframe to knock up every fertile woman on the planet.  For those that have a breeding kink, the world is your oyster. Tickle a pearl today!

There is an increase in blood circulation around the nether bits during a woman’s monthly cycle, which may have her experiencing more powerful orgasms during shark week. Time to ride the crimson tide!  Besides that, it's already lubed. Throw a drop cloth down and give it a go. A solid dicking helps to ease menstrual cramping. If you don’t wind up looking like the Kool-Aid Man, are you doing your service?

Chubby men can last, on average, over three times longer than their thinner cumpetitors. No wonder women are eyeing those dad bods and salivating at how they handle their sausage at the backyard barbeque.

While performing the good ol’ horizontal polka, the genitals, breasts, and inner nose swell. If you see your partner rubbing her nose while getting the meat stack, this is why.

Your nutsack leans towards your predominant hand. A right hander usually has their right ball hang lower. I guess if you're ambidextrous, your balls are beautiful? 


Ann Dromeda has been an online content creator for the
last three years and has been an adult performer since 2003. ​
​Learn more about her here.

<![CDATA[Chaturbate]]>Fri, 20 Jan 2023 21:11:31 GMThttp://timophiliac.com/blog/chaturbateChaturbate review: You may have heard a lot about chaturbate. Here is a review with the pros and cons of using this site to broadcast.

Why use it: Cam and content sales. It gives the scam nervous buyers reassurance that he can buy content through a third-party site and pay as he goes for cam sessions. He may not buy through Chaturbate, but sometimes having that option reassures him that you aren’t a scammer.
Payment: Check or Direct deposit.
How you make money: Tip menus, content sales, interactive tip to play apps or bots, crazy ticket shows, premium snapchat sales, private shows, tribute, and affiliate programs.
Private shows: Set your minute rate and let them request private shows. You can also set a rate for spy shows or group shows, so viewers can share the expense or satisfy their voyeur desires.
Crazy ticket shows: Are shows where you can do whatever you want in without worrying about freeloaders jerking off without contributing.
Content sales: set your content to “buy only,” visible for paying or fanclub members, or public. Content has to be uploaded one at a time. No hashtag options or searches on content. Content can be uploaded to themed albums, and you have the control to make things for fanclub or paid only on each album. You can also sell your social media info.
Tokens: To the cammer, each token is worth five cents, USD.  If someone tips you 50 or 100 tokens. It really isn’t that much, so don’t get too excited and take off all your clothes in public chat. Don’t undersell yourself, too many do and it makes it harder for everyone to make money, including you. Don’t worry if you see other cammers being naked on public cam, there are plenty of models who make money and never take their clothes off. Lots of tipping chaturbate tippers are nostalgic for the days when the models actually had conversations and made their groups fun. They are usually the best and most consistent tippers. Regardless of what you do, there is an audience for it. But the good tippers prefer a model who is discerning instead of an exhibitionist.
Block options: Regional- you can block entire regions, so you don’t have to worry about being exposed to people near you, or you can block regions where time wasters and freeloaders frequently originate. Account type- grey users don’t have any tokens, but they are registered so have the ability to take part in conversations in your room. You can block grey users, and even make people tip in order to type in your room. You can also block users who are broadcasting at the time, so they can’t try to poach your viewers.  Temporary- If a follower breaks one of your room rules, you can silence them for 6 hours. Permanent- if a follower or viewer is habitually abusive, you can block and remove them permanently.
Pros: Chaturbate has lots of ways to make your broadcasts unique to you.
Interactive apps and bots- preprogramed apps and bots can automatically display king tippers, rankings, rules, tip menus, and crazy ticket purchases. They also have games, from dice rolls, to pokemon. You can also connect your lovense or omibud products through apps, or you can connect the lovense plug in to multiple campsites, chaturbate being one of the compatible cam site options.
Personalized emojis- you can personalize and upload your own memes, emojis, and collector’s cards as rewards for tips or to hep keep your chat active.
OBS compatible- OBS allows you to broadcast across several cam hosting sites at once.
Lovense and omibod compatible. You can find an inexpensive one here: https://amzn.to/2LE3pUm
Cons: Lots of freeloaders, trolls, and extreme taboo enthusiasts. Be prepared to deal with some weird requests, requests that will get you banned from chaturbate, or at least suspended. Read the rules carefully. They take 50% of what the tippers spend when they buy. There is a limit to how much a viewer can buy a month, depending on their membership type.

Sign up for chaturbate.


Ferralyn River has been nude modeling since 2001 but didn't begin camming or creating adult content until 2018. She immediately transitioned into full-time content creation and has been active on Chaturbate, Pornhub, Onlyfans and more. Learn more about her here.

<![CDATA[Social Media: How to gain followers, keep followers, become an influencer... IG addition]]>Fri, 20 Jan 2023 21:07:50 GMThttp://timophiliac.com/blog/social-media-how-to-gain-followers-keep-followers-become-an-influencer-ig-additionThere are tons of ways to market yourself off the internet, but maybe you have noticed that now that you’ve been doing it awhile, the success of your initial sales has dropped off. So how do you reach more buyers/tippers/patrons if they aren’t coming to you? The answer is simple: social media.
In this article, I will be focusing on Instagram for a number of reasons:
Instagram has the highest return for advertising of any of the commonly used social media apps.
Hashtags make reaching your target audience much easier than twitter (which is overflooded with wanna-be findoms, though it is a good platform for keeping your stream followers updated on unscheduled stream times).
Instagram is image based, so you don’t have to put in time making interesting blog posts like you would on tumblr or wordpress to get the same amount of attention.
Once you reach a broad enough audience, they have built in influencer tools that include an interface to connect you to companies looking for influencers to promote their brand.

Decide on your target audience: Are you a cam model? A foot pic seller? Maybe you’re a twitch streamer. It doesn’t really matter. The important thing is that you are doing what you enjoy so you are more likely to keep at it and make content that you enjoy creating and others enjoy viewing. If you enjoy make-up, post pictures of your experiments, different looks, maybe even tips you’ve learned along the way. This can open up a future in cosmetic and skincare sales, but as a seller, can attract sissy clients who want to learn how to be as beautiful as you are.
Like fashion? Same thing; post pics of you in stylish outfits, thrift store finds, and style suggestions. Sissy boys want to know how to dress to appear more feminine, but they want to have their own style too. If they like your style, they will try to emulate you and will likely worship you for it. Choosing to make content that is as broad as make up or fashion also gives you an advantage later on. It sets you up with already having a way to affiliate market clothing, cosmetics and similar things.
Into fitness? Guys love fit girls in yoga pants. Clips of you working out, in impressive yoga poses, looking pretty with beads of sweat running down your face drives some men wild, and sets you up as a public figure for other women who want to feel fit and confident in their bodies.
When using Instagram, it’s important to not present yourself as a seller right away. Don’t canvas your pms with links right away, screen them and chat with as many as you can, but underline the fact that you don’t trade nudes, and with Arabic or Indian followers, it’s often best to just ignore. Unless you have a background in those languages, you won’t be able to understand what they’re saying, and they send unlimited dick pics and pornography that I know I don’t care to see.
Finding your audience:
Hashtags will be your biggest friend on Instagram, but can also be your biggest enemy. Using hashtags like #sellingfootpics is the fastest way to get your profile taken down. Hashtags like #prettyfeet are much more general and can ultimately give you the opportunity to promote local nail salons, foot treatments, shoes, socks, ankle jewelry, nail polish and other foot related products in the long run; all while attracting all those lovely foot boys who’d pay $20 for a video of your dirty feet. I like to explore hashtags and see what people are doing with related profiles for inspiration and ideas, and following them and interacting on their feed and with their fans also gives you more exposure for your own. Things like, “I love that polish color! I think you would really like this one too...” with a link to one of your posts can work well if you reply early to a post from a well-known influencer. If they already have 6000 replies, no one is likely to see it.
Another way to use them is to follow the influencers fans. You already know they like what the influencer in the related field is doing, so why wouldn’t they like yours too? If they don’t follow you back, you can unfollow them. There are tools to make this easier. Most cam models follow as many people as they can a day, and then later weed out the followers who are abusive or don’t follow back. It’s a lot of work at first, but the more followers you have, the more likely it is for more followers to be attracted to your page. People want to fit in. They follow the crowd. Don’t over follow, though, as Instagram has spam filters that will automatically lock your account if you follow too many people within an hour.
Respond to your PMs:
When you follow people, sometimes they will PM and ask if they know you. Answer truthfully, but also scan their profile and tell them what you liked about their page. Maybe they take beautiful pictures of sunsets, maybe they hang out at comicons and have cool pics of other people’s cosplay. Tell them what you enjoy and would like to keep enjoying and maybe direct them to some of your posts saying you thought they might enjoy what you post too. This makes you approachable and satisfies them that you aren’t a spam bot just trying to plug your porn page (though you can do this too, if it comes up casually in conversation). You don’t have to reply to harassers and dick pic senders. It’s best to just unfollow, flag, and block.
Stories and updates:
Keep your fans informed with updates on what you are doing with your life, products you are testing, or love, travel, event, and stream times. You can share your links in stories with pictures and keep them as highlights where you can separate them by type for your followers and are easily found at the top of your page. If you travel for events or conventions, let them know. It can be a safe way to interact with your fans in person and create long term loyalty. Keep a schedule in your highlights so new fans know where to find you online and when. Interaction is key to being an eGirl or influencer. They are trying to buy in to your personality. Not just your picture.
Don’t directly link a camming site link or porn link to your Instagram. It will limit you in the long run. Use a website that you built or a fanclub oriented site like fancentro where you can link all your stream sites or content hosting sites in one place. It’s okay to post your other social media (youtube, twitch, twitter, blog, eStore, etc) but porn or adult themed websites are easily flagged, reported, and removed.
Now you have the basics and can get started to building a following. Even though it will take time, in the long run you will notice it’s not as daunting as it may seem. You are already spending time on Instagram, more than likely, so you might as well put it to work. Make sure not to cross post any content from your personal profile with your business profile, as that can make things easier for stalkers or for your family too find your dirty secrets when you don’t want them to know about it. If you have any questions or comments about articles you’d like to see in the future, don’t hesitate to say so in the comment section.


Ferralyn River has been nude modeling since 2001 but didn't begin camming or creating adult content until 2018. She immediately transitioned into full-time content creation and has been active on Chaturbate, Pornhub, Onlyfans and more. Learn more about her here.

<![CDATA[Niteflirt]]>Fri, 20 Jan 2023 21:03:42 GMThttp://timophiliac.com/blog/niteflirtNiteflirt Review: Niteflirt connects you with clients directly to your phone without giving out your phone number! They host content, taking a smaller percentage than some content hosting sites, and allows for paid sexting, and custom content orders.
How to make money: Content sales (Goodie bags), Sexting, Phone sex, Custom orders, Paid emails, Listings, and affiliate marketing.
Goodie Bags: Create site exclusive bundles. You can organize files by making themed folders, and mix and match content to create different bundles, packages, or even solo goodies, like videos or voice recordings. You can upload loads of files at one time, and create tag-sets, so you don’t have to tag everything individually. This has, by far, one of the best interfaces I have found for content sales and management.
Phone sex: You can set your availability, post listings to describe your services, and adjust the per minute rate.
Listings: Create several listings and promote the service you feel like doing. You can also prerecord a session, like a JOI, CEI, task lists, and other things. You can also bump your listing for a small fee.
Paid chat (or sexting): Chat messages are paid by volley instead of by minute. Fairer to the buyer than minute rate sessions. If you are like me, who specializes in graphic text sessions, this could backfire. A volley is a response to the initial message. So, if they don’t text back, don’t keep going.
Custom content and paid emails: Buyers can use the website email to make requests for custom content. You can ask them to tribute before making, or you can make and email the content back, requiring them to pay to open the content.
Offers: Send offers to past customers when you have new content available. It gives the option to buy right in the email, so they don’t even have to interact with you.
Link sharing: Niteflirt has premade buttons to link directly to your profile, and premade buttons and ads for your website, social media, and so on. It also will give automatic updates and announcements to twitter and tumblr.
Affiliate program: Drop your affiliate link in emails, blogs, twitter, and websites and get paid for every new member who signs up under you.
Payment: Direct deposit. Check.
Pros: A great way to accept sessions while you aren’t glued to your phone. The clients aren’t there for camming, so if that’s not a service you offer, you don’t even have to talk about it.
Cons: Need a credit card to verify. No camming. No automatic deposit on custom content requests.
Sign up for NiteFlirt at https://www.niteflirt.com/pid/30411082 .


Ferralyn River has been nude modeling since 2001 but didn't begin camming or creating adult content until 2018. She immediately transitioned into full-time content creation and has been active on Chaturbate, Pornhub, Onlyfans and more. Learn more about her here.